Hello There

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Its been forever. I have loved and lost in the last few years, I’ve changed some for the good some for the bad. I’ve been lost and broken, hurt, stripped to nothing, but I’m still here. I’ve tried to fight but I had given up. Today I remembered the when, where, how and why. I don’t know that things will change within me right away…but at least I remembered and I still found it deep inside that little piece of something there that still belongs to you. Maybe with some watering..that small seed can grow into the love I remembered and felt today. Give me time.


Day By Day

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I believe that the promise is still good. I believe that the past will follow us no more. I believe that God has work ahead for us that we can’t even imagine. I believe I will have a house, not just any house but the house of my dreams. I believe.

The Mountain

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With the time approaching to move towards the east, I think of how we will have so much peace. The mountains quiet nothing can be heard just Mother Nature her rawest form. The waterfall a sound not known to most runs on our mountain. The children creating a home in the head, blueprints are drawn with horses and all. I had a second thought about moving away, but the stress of each day will eventually bury me. What will it feel like to release all my fears, to be away from the drama and the labels that come with my life, a fresh start for the offender and his wife.

Crazy Day

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Ok so as if yesterday wasn’t enough, my grandfather died this morning…my dog is sick throwing up and I’m having chest pain! I need a vacation…and some time for quiet and no stress!!!

On a progressive note, my sister and I are starting to plan for my dads funeral….so far there is going to be a “No Black” rule…..only colors! It will be a going home celebration! Not a bawling sad boo hoo fest!!!!

Family Meeting

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My father called a family meeting today….he has been battling Non-Alcoholic Hep C for more than 20 years….he started a trial medicine to see if it would kill the virus….success!!!!! The HepC is gone!!! They wanted to do a Ct Scan last week and today the nurse called….”we have the results of your ct scan, and we see spots on the liver that are cancerous”

My heart is hurt…I have cried once…I can’t find that full release to express how I really feel….I am numb perhaps? Is something wrong with me? I love my dad. He’s been there for me when no one else was….I’m to young to lose my dad.

An MRI is scheduled for the 25th to determine the stage of cancer. If it is not to far along he will be sent down to IU in Indianapolis, IN for testing etc for a liver transplant….if it is to far advanced, well then I have 3-6 months to love my dad the best I can!

He has no insurance, we don’t know what he is going to do. God I pray you send an angel, make a way for his treatment/transplant/funeral to be paid for!

The Knock At The Door

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I hear a knock at the door, my heart drops to my stomach. I’ve come to fear the knock on the door, the dogs bark and I’m sure it’s someone to try to split our family apart. My fear is once again tried. The lady I had seen before had come again, (this time with a different assistant) to ask questions and “investigate” a report. Thank God we follow the rules by the book, to a T. I haven’t seen that lady since that day. There is nothing you can do no matter what he has done. We obey what rules we have which now is minimal. I wanted to shout from the rooftop “IN YOUR FACE WORLD, IN YOUR FACE!” We have the right to a normal life! Liars will always lie and try to cause division, but we will stand in what we know to be true and our home will remain faithful to Him who has brought is through. We have nothing to prove, as long as we live how we are supposed to, our life will prove itself.

*Make Something Great*

Leaving the church

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We have left the church we grew up in. We are moving on to better things for our family.